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Let's clear the air together.

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We're determined to stop secondhand smoke where it hurts us most, here is what we're facing:

  •  40% of children ages 3-11 are exposed to secondhand smoke regularly

  • 41,000 Americans die every year from secondhand smoke exposure.

  • Couples have a 53% increased chance of divorce when one is a smoker

  • 23% of property value is lost due to secondhand smoke fumes

  • 53% of smokers say they have been discriminated against


To inspire healthier communities by connecting people to responsible smoking solutions that save lives and end stigma.

We're working to preserve the choices of those who smoke while respecting the choices and private space of those who don’t.


We believe in personal rights as much as we believe in clean air and a conscientious society.


At HUSH, we're using dynamic fluid principals and engineering innovation in our first product to allow those who smoke to do so with dignity and less judgement.


As more smokers use HUSH, this leads to cleaner air and quite possibly, a healthy conversation among smokers and non-smokers in which they discover common ground and belief in mutual respect and personal rights.

In the future, we aim to create solutions for secondhand smoke in commercial indoor settings such as casinos, hotels and rental cars.


Our team believes it's your choice to smoke but that this personal decision should not impact those around you, whether they are friends, family or complete strangers.


Former Director of Health, Rhode Island

Our chief public health representative has over 30 years of experience in the field and ensures that we maintain a clear line of communication with the medical community and guarantees our product is appropriate for the promotion of public health (APPH).

World Bank Advisor | Former GM of Tata Group


Our international industry expert has connections across major manufacturing and distribution hubs which help ensure our product is ready to take on the global issue of secondhand smoke at scale.


Co-Founder | CEO

Our business co-founder was raised in an entrepreneurial family where his father was featured in Storage Wars and would bring Dillon along to auctions. Dillon started his first business reselling sneakers at the age of 13 and learned the principles of identifying consumer trends and demand early on. He went on to start two other businesses, one of which he co-founded with Leny six years ago before entering Babson College. He has a deep understanding of the cannabis market and its landscape. 

Co-Founder | CTO


Our technical co-founder is a die-hard product conceptualist with a focus on the user experience enriched by his science and medical background. His exposure to various schools of science during his medical studies gives him a holistic perspective of the engineering requirements & capabilities of our flagship product and enables him to bridge the gap between the product vision and engineering.